Spyros Raptis

Spyros Raptis

Short Bio

Co-founder and Head of TTS R&D, INNOETICS


21 Dec 2018

09:00 am

Dr. Spyros Raptis is co-founder and Head of TTS R&D at INNOETICS, a spin-off company from the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP). He holds a PhD in computational intelligence and robotics, and has been actively engaged in speech synthesis R&D for two decades. He has published scientific articles in international journals and conferences, coordinated European R&D projects, and engaged in academic teaching in those fields. He has participated in the development of speech synthesis systems that received international awards. He has held various research positions and has served as Director of ILSP and at the Board of the “Athena” Research and Innovation Center.

Keynote Speech

Spoken interaction at the next level


Spoken interaction has been a major area of interest in the last years. It’s much more than just another modality in the user interface and reaches much further than our smartphone. With inter-connected devices and a range of other enabling technologies in place, it can have a key role in transforming how we interact with the ubiquitous technology around us and greatly impact our everyday life. Through the eyes of a small group that had the opportunity to bring its technology from the R&D lab to millions of devices worldwide, we’ll be sharing some thoughts about how spoken interaction will be empowering exciting new experiences and highlight some challenges and opportunities that lie in the way.

Speaker personal webpage: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spyros-raptis