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Recently, deep learning methods have been increasingly applied on spoken language technologies, including signal processing, language understanding and generation, dialogue management, as well as joint optimisations of these (end-to-end learning). However, such methods still have limitations and it is not yet clear that deep learning and joint optimisation is the key to the future.

Encompassing the current deep learning trends and traditional knowledge-based methods, SLT’s 2018 main theme will be around “Spoken Language Technology in the Era of Deep Learning: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Topics & Important Dates

The special theme for this year will be “Spoken Language Technology in the Era of Deep Learning: Challenges and Opportunities”.

All papers related to spoken language technology are welcome (see topics below). As part of our special theme, we particularly welcome the submission of papers that address challenges and limitations in current deep learning approaches, and opportunities for overcoming them (including but not limited to hybrid approaches using deep learning and traditional knowledge-based methods).

  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Spoken language understanding and generation
  • Spoken document retrieval
  • Question answering from speech
  • Natural language processing
  • Human/computer interaction
  • Spoken dialog systems
  • Speech data mining
  • Spoken document summarization
  • Spoken language corpora
  • Speaker/language recognition
  • Multimodal processing
  • Evaluation methodologies
    • Educational
    • Healthcare
    • Assistive technology
    • Gaming
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