18 December 2018

Dr. Minlie Huang: Towards Building More Intelligent Conversational Systems: Semantics, Consistency, & Interactivenss – (download pdf here)

YUN-NUNG (VIVIAN) CHEN: Towards Open-Domain Conversational AI – (download pdf here)

Sungjin Lee: Microsoft Dialogue Challenge: Building E2E Task-Completion Dialogue Systems – (download pdf here)

Sihong Liu, Keqing He, Weiran Xu: Universe Model: A Human-like User Simulator Based on Dialogue Context – (download pdf here)

Yu-An Wang: Double Dueling Agent for Dialogue Policy Learning – (download pdf here)

19 December 2018

Welcome to IEEE SLT2018 – (download pdf here)

Dirk Hovy: Bias in Language Data – (download pdf here)

Gokhan Tur: Two Schools of Language Understanding – (download pdf here)

Helen Meng: HCI/UX/Users – (download pdf here)

Junlan Feng: Chatbot: Applications/Services/Devices – (download pdf here)

Petros Maragos: Synergy between Computer Vision and Language Processing for Multimodal Perception and Understanding – (download pdf here)

Pınar Yolum: Privacy, Trust, and Ethics – (download pdf here)

Tatsuya Kawahara: Human-like Dialogue with Robot – (download pdf here)


20 December 2018


Dimitra Vergyri: Speech-In-The-Wild Analytics in the Era of Deep Learning: Recent Advancements and Remaining Challenges – (download pdf here)

Karen Livescu: Acoustic (and acoustically grounded) word embeddings – (download pdf here)

21 December 2018


OBEN: Intro to Oben Personal Artificial Intelligence – (download pdf here)