M*Modal is a fast-moving speech technology and natural language understanding company, focused on making health care technology work better for the physicians and hospitals who depend on it every day. From speech-enabled interfaces and natural language analytics to physician assistant AIs and patient visit summarizations, M*Modal is changing what technology can do in healthcare.

Our Speech and NLU R&D groups are responsible for advancing the machine learning engines in our products using our large proprietary data sets. We have small R&D teams, where every member has impact on the products physicians use in their everyday practice.

Employment Opportunities
M*Modal is currently hiring for both our Speech and NLU R&D groups in Pittsburgh, Boston and Europe.
Visit us at mmodal.com/careers, or find an M*Modal employee at the next conference.

At M*Modal, we value interns in our R&D teams, as they contribute to fresh insights. We provide intern visa assistance for qualified international interns and offer 3-6 months internships at any time of the year.

Conferences and Workshops
Members of our R&D teams are encouraged to attend conferences, and we strive to provide sponsorship, especially for some of the smaller conferences and workshops, such as JSALT, IWSLT and SLT, as we believe that these play a valuable role in the research community.

Visit the sponsor website: mmodal.com/careers