About VoiceWeb

At VoiceWeb we believe that “Great Customer Experience matters”! Our objective is to produce outstanding Intelligent User Interfaces, and we constantly challenge ourselves to raise the bar on what Superior Customer Experience is considered to be today!

We are developing next-generation Natural Language Understanding, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software products with focus on Customer Service Virtual Assistants over diverse Digital Channels (phone, web/mobile chat, Instant Messaging etc.).

Our team combines the strengths of individuals from an array of backgrounds that research, design, develop and showcase the software products that put us at the forefront of our industry.

The combination of those diverse disciplines resulted in our flagship product
VoiceWeb ENELAI: an Omni-channel Customer Experience and Customer Self-Service platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In addition to offering a homogeneous Customer Experience across all digital channels and to being Omni-channel by design since every potential customer request is handled by the same platform, the VoiceWeb ENELAI also has the cognitive capabilities required to predict potential problems, self-correct and personalize the Customer Experience based on customer history.

VoiceWeb products and solutions are currently sold to over 20 markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia, where enterprises such as
Vodafone, Raiffeisen Bank, ING Bank, Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Greece, Macquarie Bank, Claro, and Orange -among many others-
have trusted our products to provide them with the means to enhance the relationship with their customers.

Visit the sponsor’s website: www.voiceweb.eu